Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Matt Lauer-Nonumental. I'd have named the blog that...but I didn't feel he deserved to be IN a title on my blog where I normally write of things I love! Well, I'm not his biggest fan....who are we kidding...I'm not a fan at all. I don't watch the show, for one thing, I'm never home-and if I am-I'm sleeping, eating pancakes, or watching HGTV. For another thing? He drives me SO SO SO bonkers!! I watch as little of him as I can...but the other day, when googling the Darth cutie, as he'd been on tv all day and I missed it, I saw a snippit of ML interviewing said cutie...and he (Matt) seemed just SO FAKE! And really....a little jealous. Sounds silly...but I betcha it's true. And then last I caught him was with McCain I think. I don't care how you feel about McCain...but Lauer goes after every interview with his own agenda...and's to find a weakness and stick a knife in it. He didn't get the memo in the 5th grade that making others look bad to make yourself look better wasn't cool-in fact it was almost textbook definition for "bully". Oh, let's not forget his penchant for interrupting....and then, his finale, of speaking softer and pretending he cares.

My word of Nonumental...well, it's "Not Monumental". I am, in fact...."nonumental" the reader that stumbled here, not knowing me, I'm just a great blogger, funny, interesting, you kind of want to be me, but you read my Green Grass blog, so you know to wish for other things, etc. That said? I'm those that love me. So perhaps....and I do hope...that Matt Lauer, is in some way..."M"onumental to someone....just not me. Be nicer Matt Lauer.

Oh...and since you have the thought of Matt Lauer in your head, let me lighten the mood and turn that frown upside are some gems of the "Making of 'The Force' Commercial"!


Ken Miller said...

Oh yes, you are monumental to me! It's a fine line between that and idolatry!

Carrie Ann said...