Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love in the mail!/Lovin' the mail!

I love me some mail, but really some hand written notes, old school. But what I really REALLY dig? Christmas Cards from my passengers. It warms my heart. I'm not just saying that...this is my blog, I don't have to say anything!!! Today....came an envelope from one of my companies that I work for, and in it? TWO, T-W-O cards from passengers I had this fall on one of my "France Magnifique" tours. I have over 700 passengers a year....I'd say...just an average....I've actually never counted!? Anyway, for the most part, my memory can be jogged, but some? Just stand out...chances are...if you've ever been a passenger of mine, and your reading this, you stood out. Some for better, some for worse-(you non-tippers....I know you who are! lol) Of course it's not about the tip that I remember the good ones, it's about their heart, or their visible love, or their sense of humor, or sometimes, for the atrocious things that happen on a tour! Viva Italian bus drivers!!! Well, today, is my dear passenger Jackie Keeton's birthday...so happy birthday Jackie, and I met her and Chybo, WAAAAaaay back in the beginning of my touring days, with Miss Stacy from Lawrenceburg...Tennessee Tuesdays in DC...oh good times (Also good Johnny Fleeman Sauces and SODA! What was that goodness called again!?!). Today also came those two cards, and I knew from the names on the return address labels, and both made me smile. Sure, you get letters from your friends, you know exactly who they are, but imagine you have new friends every week for only a week! What I'm saying...is these ladies stand out. BOTH, made me laugh, a lot on their tour....and to hear from them?! Glorious. One of them, included a picture of her husband...holding a certain mug. I'm not saying how he got that mug, but I am saying that I smile when I think about it. :-) Thank you Miss Cil, and Miss Helene (Helene-do you remember that sign above? From that restaurant we ate at in Sainte-Mère-Église? How true it is! lol), I am honored to have received holiday greetings from you both....truly I am....and yours...is in the mail. Yes, I know it's February....but I still have like 60 New Years cards to get out! It's why I certainly don't do Christmas Cards! I do Happy New Years cards!!!! Next year...may be Valentine's Day cards!!!!! SO, go send your friends Valentines....tis the season, and I promise, they love mail just as much as I do....and if they don't? Well, mail ME those Valentines!!!!!! XOXO (And? Hugs to Mary and Darlene!!!) And? Update?! That soda goodness was called SUNDROP! Thanks Miss Jackie!

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