Sunday, January 30, 2011


Will ALSO be in my heaven's pantry....DELISH! Spicy Tuna is my total drug of choice, with crunchies if I may be so picky. No...I don't know what "crunchies" technically are, and really...I don't care....they are YUMMY! We have a place near us that has half-price sushi on Sundays from 12-4....YES PLEASE! So...Spicy I am! Do you hate sushi? Have ya even tried it? Because it's not fair if you haven't. Not all sushi is raw you know. Anything with a shell gets cooked, and they have vegetarian haters...chill...and TRY IT!!! That said, if you ever need me, on Sundays after church? I'll be there, getting my spicy tuna on. YUM! (And today...a special shout out to my kronies who crashed my solo sushi party, and I loved it....Karyn, Steph, Jackie, Trav, and Jessica! THANKS!) honor of sushi....

What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?


(A skosh lame, sure...but it's funny)

SWEET tire cover....

And? I found this SWEET blog....and they made Sushi as a dessert!!!! SO SO SO COOL! Perhaps...I will have a sushi birthday...hmmm...
Life is Better With Cake! I'd love to post a picture, but I don't know how that works with copyrights and what for fun, click on the link and check it out. AWESOME!


It's not that I wish I could do nothing all's that I wish I had nothing to do!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Just love.

So....I heart me some smoked salmon, cream cheese, and an everything bagel. I'm quite certain were it not for the price or addition to my booty...I'd eat it DAILY!'s on the menu for my Heaven's Pantry. Heaven's Pantry? All delicious things that will my pantry (in my mansion) in Heaven! Am I sure we get to eat in Heaven? Nope, we will be praising Jesus all the day, so I wonder if they'll be time for food, but hey, a girl can hope right? So...back to my salmon. We got a new bagel place near us...and I tried it out, and it's good. I don't like all the frills with my lox....JUST lox and cream cheese, no onion/tomato/lettuce drama. At this place....they do it right, and more importantly...Valerie does it right. She's the one I run into the most, and quite frankly, am disappointed when she's not there. And so, I know some things about her, like Sweet Pea is her favorite BBW fragrance.....and her dad is from Hungary, and well, that might be all. BUT...I brought her dad some paprika from Hungary when I was there in December, and some Sweet Pea lotion for her, and she was ECSTATIC! And so today, I was in again, and she was saying her dad was so excited and wanted to use it, but her mom wanted to save it! (Mom won) At any rate, I walked out of there, just happy, blessed to get to love on a total stranger, though, slowly becoming my friend. It's just such an honor to share God's love, because it is, by grace, that I have it to begin with. I'm not saying you have to go out and buy presents for people you want to love on....I am saying, just to love! We've been loved, so pass it on. And? Don't pass it on if you aren't doing it to your inner circle. We all know what I mean! Why is it so easy to love on total strangers, and not so easy to love on your own family!? Love on friends....LOVE!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green Grass..

I say this all the time....and I mean it. There is ALWAYS gonna be greener grass...but in the end? It's still gotta be mowed! So LOVE your own grass! And support your neighbors in the growing of theirs!!! (Listen psychos...there are no drug references here) Seriously though, I am blessed blessed blessed with what I do for a living....BLESSED! But you are too. Are ya married? Green. Do you have babies? Green. Can you run more than a quarter mile? Green. Do you have fabulous eyelashes? Green. Do you make more money than me (not hard)? Green. Do you have your own TV show? Green. (Shameless plug for my friend Sarah Kouba doing the "Billings Way" starting January 30!) So have green grass in front of you, quit looking over the fence!!! I have friends that are "jealous" of being gone all the time, and living in my suitcase, and going to Paris.....I get that. But they have babies, and husbands, and HOUSES!!! There is some semblance of normalcy and consistency to their lives. So for me...that's green grass. Don't get me wrong, I adore what I do for a living, and don't really know what else I would do, but there are short moments in my life, (usually when my bus driver is jacking up my tour) when I wonder what 9-5 Monday through Friday is really like. So, do me a favor. Love on your green grass.

(This photo is courtesy of my green grass....Tower Bridge in London this past November....also featured in this years Carrie-alendar for the month of September.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Go Bananas, and EAT THEM TOO!

Did you know that bananas were America's #1 fruit? Turns out they are! They aren't necessarily my all time favorite? (Cherries, Pineapples, Strawberries, Raspberries, are on top, but they are not a sure thing, year-round!) But they are the most consistent and EASY to eat! I love them...(Please note, that I take them from breakfast at hotels and never eat them during the day...for some reason, if I don't eat my banana immediately? I don't eat them...) Did you also know that a cluster of bananas is called a "hand" and consists of 10 to 20 bananas, which are known as fingers ("Banan" is also Arabic for "Finger", I know two words in Arabic!) They are amazing...healthy...and come in their OWN packaging. awesome. Down to every banana! And get this staggering factoid...."Over 96% of American households purchase bananas at least once each month." WOW!! That is a HUGE percentage! Bananas for president! What if we agreed that much over anything important! IMAGINE! My last, and favorite factoid about the banana is this...."bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier." So....lesson here? EAT BANANAS!!!! (Incidentally, I had a rather uneventful great day, slept in, did some returns, saw "Black Swan", and hung out with Momma Bear, so when it came blog time, I wasn't feeling so inspired, and I attempted a "this time last year", and I had no photos! But then my small banana picture caught my eye...taken the week that Caleb Junda was born! So, in doing research about bananas? Or looking for quotes about bananas? I've found some bloggers that have blogged about bananas as well! CRAZY! So...pick a some research...and EAT IT!)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Love Anyway

In the past three days....I've seen "Memphis", had dinner with 10 of the cast members, gone to the Philharmonic, had delish gnocchi in Little Italy, gone to the ballet, and visited the U.N. AWESOME! (I also managed to get a little AFitz time!) The flip of that I had a driver who was rude, picked up on the wrong side of the busy streets of NY, TWICE, verbally did not like students, and did not answer his phone, after me calling him 18, that's right, EIGHTEEN TIMES, in a span of less than an hour. He didn't like, nor stay with, the other bus that was part of the group, and as expected, he said he knew where he was going, and never did. I have mad perks to my job, I adore what I do, and but there is ALWAYS a driver, to bring me back to reality....awesome. lol

LOVE ANYWAY! a picture of the Gum Wall and I (rumor has it that it started in the mid 90's in Seattle, it's a few inches fat and like 50 feet long! HAPPY CHEWING!) I am wearing what was my favorite hat that I bought in Paris....and left on a bus in's my blog. I get to write things like that. lol BLESSED! I'm BLESSED!!! Find your green grass...whichever side you think it's still must get mowed....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marrying a Polar Bear!?

11-11-11....already you know 11 is my favorite number, so therefore, my favorite date. I've picked it as my wedding date. No groom....well, UNTIL I MET THE COCA-COLA POLAR BEAR!!! He's adorable...and he's agreed to marry me. Back story!? I went to Atlanta for an ITMI Symposium,where other tour people like me, get together once a year. (It's pretty much the best time ever! And best class ever!) I flew out early, because I've never spent any time in RUNNING like a fiend through the airport. This time, however, a TOURIST I would be! The World of Coca-Cola was high on my priority list! I managed to make it to a 3pm VIP tour...and lemme tell ya...WORTH THE EXTRA $10! Adult admission was $16....VIP tour...was $26. (I'll have you know? It also includes 10% off in the gift shop, TWO free cokes, AND? $10 off my photo package, which I HAD to buy of the my precious polar bear kissing I consider the upgrade to VIP-FREE!) My guide was Steve...he was STELLAR! I'm sure other Coca-Cola guides are great? But...Steve was SUPER! At the World of Coca Cola....I met...the Coca Cola Polar Bear! Replacing Santa since 1993...he's the cutest thing in the WORLD!!!! So animated, I was smitten from the second I laid eyes on him....and then? HE KISSED ME! (Sounds like a song eh!?) Well, I said my sad farewells, and over the next few days...the love grew, and then I found out he was to be at our closing event! (PS? Closing event at the World of Coca Cola?? AMAZING!) Boy, was I jazzed, and wearing only cute things that night! I asked him if he'd marry me in November...and he nodded. Sure...I'd always hoped a boy would propose to me, but in his defense...he doesn't speak! So I just verbalized for him! Anyway, the story grew, and I flew home last night....missing my bear, posting pictures of us up on facebook, and tonight, when I wasn't looking, my mom put this in my room! If you can't see the details? It's a polar bear holding a BABY polar bear! S0, wedding...11-11-11. Baby...11-11-12. HA ha ha ha. Oh Momma Bear...she'll take those grandkids/grandcubs any way she can get them! "The Date for this will be 11-11-12. I love you HUGS!" Some info about the wedding? Reception? World of Coca Cola. Theme colors? Red and White. And? I'm off to meet his family in Alaska in July. I hope they like me, because if they don't? I'm not sure I'll be coming back....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tom's Schmom's...Go GROOBS or GO HOME!


Are you sensing a theme here?! Needless to say?
I just got my GROOB ON!

My Groobs, came in the mail today!!!!!

What are Groobs you ask?! SHOES!
Giving Relief Out Of Buying Shoes.

Catchy little name-sure...but to be honest? I like their slogan of ...BOGO FIVE-O better! Buy ONE, they give ONE, and then? 50% of the proceeds go to the charity of your choice! YOUR CHOICE! So...when I bought mine, I liked all the listed charities-who wouldn't, I even picked some of my faves of "Operation Smile" "The Thirst Project", "Caring Bridge" and "Project Mosquito Net", but in the end? I opted for "Bombay Teen Challenge" A charity that my brother and sister-in-law are very very involved in! (Since 1990, Bombay Teen Challenge has worked to rescue and rehabilitate destitute and desperate people living on the streets and in the red light district of Mumbai. These people include women trapped in prostitution, their at-risk daughters and other girls vulnerable to the sex industry, street children who are in danger of being abused and exploited, abandoned and orphaned by AIDs and HIV positive orphans and those addicted to drugs and alcohol.)

So, at the end of the day....I have a SWEET pair of mean I have COUPLE sweet pair of shoeS! (Uber comfy and really really really LIGHT!-I travel for a living-that's WAY important!) And the most most most most MOST comfortable t-shirt EVER! You know the kind that you have since you were 12? Well, it CAME like that! I'm smitten. It says "Groobs are for lovers"...I'm not so sure about that, but I do love GROOBS-I guess that makes me a lover! So, shoes, perfect t-shirt, and now, someone else will have a pair of Groobs...well, two someone else's will have Groobs, and Bombay Teen Challenge will have a little extra cash!

For fun, check out the Groobs website, highly entertaining, very real, and yes, yes I did go to college with that Jason Fry guy. Am I name dropping? HECK YEAH! IT'S MY BLOG!! (And be sure to check out thePicture of Nachos -best. ever.) And also for fun, check out Bombay Teen Challenge website too, if you aren't led to give, or buy shoes, let your heart be burden to pray.

Matthew 21:22
says..."If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.
Mark 10:27
says "Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.

Now....get shopping!

*Warning* Do not leave your Groobs outside in the below freezing weather and then try them on....your feet WILL BECOME a part of the tundra that is the outside! Silly UPS men is scared of our snow too I guess-ditching my package by the garage door and leaving!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Psssshhh....NO! OF COURSE I'M NOT RUNNING ONE!!! If there were a quarter-mile-a-thon, I might entertain the notion. My brother, however, is. And here is the website...should you care to drop some coin his way for a good cause!!!!

If you'd like to just send me money, well then...that's fine too.

(This photo, is me beating Jesse since I've beaten the best, I don't run anymore....)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello! My name is Carrie, and I AM an aisle seater.

I hate the middle seat...but who doesn't you know!? Um...yes, I'd LOVE to fight for armrest space, and I'd love to have to move someone if I have to go to the bathroom, and yet STILL have to move if window has to go to the bathroom! That said? THAT's LIFE!!!!! Middle seat= Life. Ooooh. Profound. Well, with flash mobs going around, what about one with Southwest, everybody checks in early, and a people in the A zone RUN onto the plane and fill in the middles....preferring the ones from the back! Wouldn't THAT be the day!? Mind you, I'm anti-Southwest for this reason. I love me some assigned seatage! (No, of course that's not a word.) I read "Nuts" in college, I did the case study, but thankfully, Southwest is never a really great option for me, I HATE not having an assigned seat!! There are not a lot of "hard and fast" things about me...I'm pretty "it depends" about everything-sadly....BUT, I am an aisle seater. I will ALWAYS prefer aisle...always. And so when flying Southwest, you have to remember to check-in online the SECOND that you can...and then if you do get a good spot, you have to go around, checking peoples numbers, and somehow, not feel bad when you have to "cut" that mom with a crying kid, or the old lady with too many bags, or the gum smacker (since you'd rather smack her/him). So once you've successfully found your given place in line, and pretended it didn't matter when there was a 12 standing in front of your 11....but it did. You get on, and then, you'd pick an the front, and WATCH ALL THOSE PEOPLE PASS YOU!! And then, the couples that get split up, and then watch the window person crawl over you, and then watch the middle person miserably take the first avail middle, and me personally? I FEEL BAD!!!! I hate the method. I like..., scratch that, LOVE...when I have an assigned seat. I can't move, I HAVE to sit there, the airline says I have to...blame, properly passed.


I wrote this a while ago, and I haven't been adding to it...don't worry, it's not that I've been understood more, and I have less to define, people just care less about the definitions! up my blog a little, for my one reader, me, and I'm making it into a blog vs. junking up the SIDE of my blog.

  • BUSSED-The act of getting thrown under the bus. Not LITERALLY of course....just being sold out, thrown to the wolves, outted, generally to make tiny small person feel good about themselves. Generally childlike behaviour.
  • COAT HANGERED-The grin that you can't help! Being helpless against the smile! We all know the kind...whether it be the cute boy/girl, seeing that "Blue Man Group" AND "Wicked" are on your Chicago Itinerary, or knowing you'll be having dinner IN the Eiffel Tower. It's as though someone has put a coat hanger in your mouth!
  • DONE DONE-When we play Rummikub in our house you have 2 chances to be you can say..."I'm done" and then if you see something else to play? You have that chance....but if you say you are "DONE DONE"? You are done. I mean going again...DONE DONE!
  • DUH FACTOR-when things are so clearly obvious and we cannot resist the 2nd grader within to just say "DUH".
  • DOUBLE DUH-When things are MORE than just CLEARLY obvious!. (Phrase actually coined by Bill Taylor-I cannot take credit)
  • FITCHETT COMPLEX-says that a Fitchett's way is best (usually of the Carrie Fitchett Fitchett's)...regardless of whether it is or not. Also can be defined as "I'll just do it myself as it will be much quicker that way". Commonly followed with acts or feelings of being a martyr.
  • FOF-FILTER ON FUN-Essentially? Knowing when to stop having a good time, never wearing out your welcome, heeding your limits. Generally something I DON'T have. What? It's 2:30 in the morning? And I have to be at work at 7? And it's an hour away? Let's play another game.
  • FREEZER SECTION NEUROSIS (FSN)-the overwhelming feeling that hits you, usually in the freezer section, when you look at your cart, realize you have like a hundred and something dollars of food in your cart and you just want to walk away and leave it there.
  • "HI POT? IT'S KETTLE."-When clearly one chides another about a behaviour that he/she does him/herself. Stemming from the quote used by your grandma..."Well, (hands on hips) THAT's the pot calling the kettle black!"
  • JIC!-Just In Case!
  • MARY POPPINS BAG-The end all be all of JIC's...and perfect for travel!
  • OTS- Oncoming Traffic Syndrome, the neurotic desire to just turn into oncoming traffic...not necessariy in a suicidal fashion so much as to really emphasize your rotten mood.
  • PANERA DAY-When you are able to spend an entire day catching up on e-mails, doing research, and putting together speeches at a "Panera Bread" because of their free WiFi and refills! Acceptable substitues are often Caribou Coffee or Corner Bakery.
  • RG's-Round Goodness. Essentially they mean a specific type of pizza from Andy's Pizza in Sea Girt, but now there are long as it's round. The originals are these mini personal pizzas of broccoli or tomatoes. Both coming with loads of cheese & GARLIC! They are delish, and they are always a good time.
  • SQUARE PEG ROUND HOLE-can also be said in reverse....essentially? Used when something doesn't fit....generally in dealing with relationships.
  • THE BACKPACK-is the shortened version of the BITTER BACKPACK...which is this horrible thing that happens...and it tends to affect women more strongly. It's a self-induced "woe is me" pity burden, that is really REALLY annoying.
  • WOE IS ME COMPLEX-Generally used in a mocking tone...more to small children when the whole world is RUINED because Barbie only has one shoe, or some other similar situation. NEVER to be used in a real situation where woe really IS you. Used best when feigning faint and putting your arm over your forehead with your eyes closed


So...eleven has been my favorite number since I was little....and today, is a taste of the elevens....but come November? It may be my favorite day....I should get married, or have a kid, but alas, mayhaps I will just have a coffee. Do I make wishes at 11:11 when I see it? Yes, yes I do, but since wishing is for the birds, I just pray for my wish, and yes, it's always the same. Happy 11111....or 5 sticks as my Tracy would say!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Turned out to be a blog about Budapest!?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's come to my attention that it's 2011....which means today, January 10, 2011...could be seen as 011011. I like it. Though, I'm more excited about tomorrow's 1-11-11...and just WAIT till NOVEMBER!!!!!! Anyway, big day for me, washing my mattress pad AND sheets. So live Vi-Carrie-ously THAT way! HA! Photo for the day is the Chain Bridge and I, taken from the Pest side of Budapest, Hungary. What about Hungary you ask!? Some people love love love it. I think it's beautiful, but I like it....not love. I went for the first time back in 2007? Mayhaps? I have no idea what year that was, but I was going to meet my dad there, his plans changed, my flight was booked! lol-typical me. Anyway, a friend met me over there from NC, and another from Slovenija. We had a great time, did a tour, saw the highlights, went to the Central Market, at goulash, and then we took a 2 day trip down to Ljubljana-capital of Slovenija! LOVED that! We went to some caves, some castle,Bled (the "town of" Bled..we didn't actually BLEED!), and then home. So then, when this cruise (catch up, I went on a Danube River Cruise this past December) ended up in Budapest, I didn't really know what else I wanted to do there. I couldn't get a groove on the language, I didn't really get the history, so I'd gotten the highlights? YES, I realize that is shallow to say-thank you, but it's my blog. Deal. I did want to go to "Monument Park", where all the old communist statues were moved to, after the fall of communism in Hungary...we did-the "HOW" is another whole blog in and of itself, but we went, and it was great, snowy, but great...weird....but great. That afternoon we went to the Fine Arts Museum, not my idea, but I am SOOO glad we did! And so now, how do I feel about Budapest? Well, I still think it's beautiful, but I think that I could visit one more time and be good- granted, the more often you go places, the more you find to do....