Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marrying a Polar Bear!?

11-11-11....already you know 11 is my favorite number, so therefore, my favorite date. I've picked it as my wedding date. No groom....well, UNTIL I MET THE COCA-COLA POLAR BEAR!!! He's adorable...and he's agreed to marry me. Back story!? I went to Atlanta for an ITMI Symposium,where other tour people like me, get together once a year. (It's pretty much the best time ever! And best class ever!) I flew out early, because I've never spent any time in RUNNING like a fiend through the airport. This time, however, a TOURIST I would be! The World of Coca-Cola was high on my priority list! I managed to make it to a 3pm VIP tour...and lemme tell ya...WORTH THE EXTRA $10! Adult admission was $16....VIP tour...was $26. (I'll have you know? It also includes 10% off in the gift shop, TWO free cokes, AND? $10 off my photo package, which I HAD to buy of the my precious polar bear kissing I consider the upgrade to VIP-FREE!) My guide was Steve...he was STELLAR! I'm sure other Coca-Cola guides are great? But...Steve was SUPER! At the World of Coca Cola....I met...the Coca Cola Polar Bear! Replacing Santa since 1993...he's the cutest thing in the WORLD!!!! So animated, I was smitten from the second I laid eyes on him....and then? HE KISSED ME! (Sounds like a song eh!?) Well, I said my sad farewells, and over the next few days...the love grew, and then I found out he was to be at our closing event! (PS? Closing event at the World of Coca Cola?? AMAZING!) Boy, was I jazzed, and wearing only cute things that night! I asked him if he'd marry me in November...and he nodded. Sure...I'd always hoped a boy would propose to me, but in his defense...he doesn't speak! So I just verbalized for him! Anyway, the story grew, and I flew home last night....missing my bear, posting pictures of us up on facebook, and tonight, when I wasn't looking, my mom put this in my room! If you can't see the details? It's a polar bear holding a BABY polar bear! S0, wedding...11-11-11. Baby...11-11-12. HA ha ha ha. Oh Momma Bear...she'll take those grandkids/grandcubs any way she can get them! "The Date for this will be 11-11-12. I love you HUGS!" Some info about the wedding? Reception? World of Coca Cola. Theme colors? Red and White. And? I'm off to meet his family in Alaska in July. I hope they like me, because if they don't? I'm not sure I'll be coming back....

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Lindsay Currie said...

Ms. Carrie, thank you for a wonderful start to my week. And Congratulations!