Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Psssshhh....NO! OF COURSE I'M NOT RUNNING ONE!!! If there were a quarter-mile-a-thon, I might entertain the notion. My brother, however, is. And here is the website...should you care to drop some coin his way for a good cause!!!!

If you'd like to just send me money, well then...that's fine too.

(This photo, is me beating Jesse since I've beaten the best, I don't run anymore....)


C said...

mmm.... glad he is raising money for a non-profit, but First Giving charges nonprofits to use their service... 5% PLUS a standard credit card processing fee of 2.5%. If he uses Razoo ( the only charge is 2.9% applied to each donation to cover the cost of credit card processing.
Plus, there's a rumor that they have the best customer service in the industry... wink wink

Carrie said...

I...will pass this info right along!!