Monday, January 24, 2011

Love Anyway

In the past three days....I've seen "Memphis", had dinner with 10 of the cast members, gone to the Philharmonic, had delish gnocchi in Little Italy, gone to the ballet, and visited the U.N. AWESOME! (I also managed to get a little AFitz time!) The flip of that I had a driver who was rude, picked up on the wrong side of the busy streets of NY, TWICE, verbally did not like students, and did not answer his phone, after me calling him 18, that's right, EIGHTEEN TIMES, in a span of less than an hour. He didn't like, nor stay with, the other bus that was part of the group, and as expected, he said he knew where he was going, and never did. I have mad perks to my job, I adore what I do, and but there is ALWAYS a driver, to bring me back to reality....awesome. lol

LOVE ANYWAY! a picture of the Gum Wall and I (rumor has it that it started in the mid 90's in Seattle, it's a few inches fat and like 50 feet long! HAPPY CHEWING!) I am wearing what was my favorite hat that I bought in Paris....and left on a bus in's my blog. I get to write things like that. lol BLESSED! I'm BLESSED!!! Find your green grass...whichever side you think it's still must get mowed....

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