Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The "Ted Danson" story.

A blessing for the 5th of January! So...we're in the LA airport...and I went off in search of Cinnabon...which was RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER...and I was off, who knows where. I come back and my mom says that she's pretty sure she just saw Ted Danson....he looked older...but she was sure it was him. I say that's cool, and it's about time....we'd been in LA for over a week and I'd spent a day in Hollywood, and NO encounters! So, we go to get on our flight...and I'm over trying to get our seats, and we go to get on the plan and mom says.....Ted is ON our flight! Ahh...COOL! So now I'll be looking for him! We board...and there he is....his hair is straight white...and his head is down...bummer. Well, in boarding...we naturally stop...I happen to stop next to him...he's reading the Amazon Kindle (an electronic book-for those of you that aren't up on it...) and so I say to him...."do you like that better than the Sony Reader?" He looks up...and says...it was a gift...what's the Sony Reader? I say it's the same thing practically...just a little thinner. He says oh, well, I don't know anything about it, but I kind of miss the pages....I say yeah...he then says, but it's great for the plane, I say that's true, and then he says...but best of all? It was free! We laugh, I pat him on the knee/shoulder (can't remember) and I say, well, enjoy the rest of your book! He says thanks...goes back to reading. My mom, laughing, can't believe I just started a conversation with Ted Danson. I HAD TO! Especially since we didn't get to take a picture together! So, not that many people noticed him, but there was a couple in front of me that saw him too. And get this....THEY SHOWED AN EPISODE OF "CHEERS" ON THE FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who does that! lol. When it came on...I looked around...and really...nobody noticed! Except that one couple. What a hoot. Anyway, he was super nice, and nowhere to be found afterwards....oh well, I still have time for my 2009 Celebrity Photo! Keep your cameras handy folks!!


I just wonder why we aren't more thankful...on a daily basis. It's already January 12....where time goes....we'll never know. But, as the world, I want to start out the new year being the person I should be...the person God wants me to be. I'm not. I wanted to blog a blessing daily. I haven't. I might still...but we'll see. Today? Of course there are many, unseen, unspoken, not realized...and this isn't all inclusive...(I like to give a disclaimer....simply because it's funny...the only person that would care about the disclaimer IS God..and I'm pretty sure He knows! lol) Anyway, today...on top of sleeping in, being warm, having receipts for items returned? I won tickets to see David Letterman on Wednesday! I forgot that I had signed up....maybe I was still in Cali? Or right after I got back? Anyway, I filled out two dates in January that we could run up there...and one in February....and tonight? I'm cleaning out my closet....sort of...and my phone rings...a 212 number...and I almost let it go to voice mail...but since I'm job hunting? I picked it up. It was "JACK"...from the Letterman show! I was JAZZED! So he's going through when and all that...and then I have to answer a question...so I make him talk to Gayle...she's better suited, and essentially IN LOVE with Dave. So the question? What color are Dave's cards that he reads the "Top Ten" from. PLEASE! I knew that answer! So, of course...mom got it right...duh....and so we'll be at Letterman on Wednesday! YAY! God is just cool like that...He loves us anyway, we don't deserve it....that's why it's called "GRACE". So...that's my blessing for today. Last Thursday? I was in DC....Wednesday night I went down to see Edwin McCain with my friend Jen, who turned 30, and he was amazing! So Thursday I was a tourist....doing a little research for upcoming tours in DC....anyway....I go to the Washington Monument, since I've never been up it....can you believe it? Anyway, well, on the way up...I practically break my leg on some ice, blessing that I didn't....and so I get my tickets...and it was FREEZING? But hardly any line! Ahhhh! If only I could preserve the NO-LINE for tour season! Anyway, I'm in line...and I literally....walk IN the building? And it starts SNOWING LIKE CRAZY!!!! Like out of NOWHERE! Insane...so I'm initially grateful for being inside at that time...and then wondering if the rest of my day is going to be spent in SNOW...because I chose not to wear my fabulous uggs. Anyway, I go up....take some pictures, snowy pictures, fight off some pushy children (side story? There were like 18 of them...maybe age 7 or 8? And one of them...I just got to the window to look out? PUSHES ME! In my head...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I'm A PERSON! I realize that a child gets priority? BUT YOU DON'T PUSH! So I look at him, and I said, "you need to be patient and wait your turn"....he looks up at me...and says "I'm sorry"....so he gets points for apologizing? But he TOTALLY knew he shouldn't have pushed! Anyway, those kids....lol) So then...I look out the other side? And I SEE the snow storm moving over the capitol building and away! I get down and outside? It's just as sunny as I left it, and nobody even really knew it snowed! So ....blessing that God kept me in the monument during the 10 minute freak blizzard! He's just good like that! May your days be filled with blessings...and may you remember them!