Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The "Ted Danson" story.

A blessing for the 5th of January! So...we're in the LA airport...and I went off in search of Cinnabon...which was RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER...and I was off, who knows where. I come back and my mom says that she's pretty sure she just saw Ted Danson....he looked older...but she was sure it was him. I say that's cool, and it's about time....we'd been in LA for over a week and I'd spent a day in Hollywood, and NO encounters! So, we go to get on our flight...and I'm over trying to get our seats, and we go to get on the plan and mom says.....Ted is ON our flight! Ahh...COOL! So now I'll be looking for him! We board...and there he is....his hair is straight white...and his head is down...bummer. Well, in boarding...we naturally stop...I happen to stop next to him...he's reading the Amazon Kindle (an electronic book-for those of you that aren't up on it...) and so I say to him...."do you like that better than the Sony Reader?" He looks up...and says...it was a gift...what's the Sony Reader? I say it's the same thing practically...just a little thinner. He says oh, well, I don't know anything about it, but I kind of miss the pages....I say yeah...he then says, but it's great for the plane, I say that's true, and then he says...but best of all? It was free! We laugh, I pat him on the knee/shoulder (can't remember) and I say, well, enjoy the rest of your book! He says thanks...goes back to reading. My mom, laughing, can't believe I just started a conversation with Ted Danson. I HAD TO! Especially since we didn't get to take a picture together! So, not that many people noticed him, but there was a couple in front of me that saw him too. And get this....THEY SHOWED AN EPISODE OF "CHEERS" ON THE FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who does that! lol. When it came on...I looked around...and really...nobody noticed! Except that one couple. What a hoot. Anyway, he was super nice, and nowhere to be found afterwards....oh well, I still have time for my 2009 Celebrity Photo! Keep your cameras handy folks!!

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