Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cherrie...Cherrie Fritchett

Ah...the Cherrie Fritchett wear a name tag all day,every day, for a
number of reasons, one of which is free ice cream in Croatia, but that
is just a perk. SO my last week...I hand out my evals on the
bus...and I proceed to spell my the very least 6 times. And
slow. Especially since unless they really paid attention? Why would
they know how to spell my last name?! So I get them back, and one my pax? She writes down..."Cherrie Fritchett". Now I'm
fine with Fritchett....but really? CHERRIE? The second you wrote
that? Wouldn't it sound funny in your head, and cause you to name is Cherrie? That's weird. Is she a dancer?
Was her mom on crack? Why wasn't it spelled with a Y? She's like a
fruit? Weird. Oh no...not my pax...Cherrie Fritchett it was! So as of late? I've been going by "Cherrie"!