Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh HELLO KITTY! So....here's the Panini Maker story! Doesn't everybody have at least ONE!? We know about my war on my basement. Well, one year for my birthday...I got a Hello Kitty Panini Maker! AND I LOVED IT! I love HK...who doesn't! Well, the gift was appropriate, and I was grateful. That's all. So then, it sat in my basement...you know, for my "someday", when I had a house, when I actually cooked, when I had kids to make them for! I'm over all that...if/when it happens? I'll re-buy it eBay! Anyway, so I finally decided to put it up on ebay. I couldn't find them anywhere online...to steal facts from or get an idea of price. Waffle Makers, Toasters, etc....Panini Makers!? NONE! So...I put it up...make up a description...and voila. Well...I start it at $18...and immediately I have like 15 people watching it and emails...from FRANCE! SO...then...2 days later, I get a letter from-drumroll please-SANRIO THEMSELVES! The company that birthday Hello Kitty 35 years ago...wants my panini maker! NOW! For her BIRTHDAY PARTY in LA! So she wants to "buy it now"....WOW I say, am flattered, and then ask how much. She says $50. I, hem, haw, and then I get home to write her back, and well, someone bid on it already. I always feel bad if someone has already bid. So I tell her so....and she's sad, but will try to bid for it. So that night, I'm talking to my family, and secretly I am hoping for more than $50, because there are 15 people watching it!? So my family/friends say....sell it to Sanrio! How cool would it be for your Panini Maker to help celebrate HK's birthday! So...I knew they were right....and that night...after they all left!? I unposted it from eBay and sold it to Sanrio! She was STOKED that I did! AND? All that...and she ended up paying me $60 AND paid for shipping, AND?!!!!!! SENT ME A GOODY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLORIOUS GOODY PACKAGE!!!! I love Kerokerokeroppi, and she sent me a bag, notebook, keychain, and pen with him, then a bunch of pens with Hello Kitty on it, a shirt, and a HOODY! I'm sure this box was worth WAY MORE in product than that Panini Maker ever was! WHAT A BLESSING!!!!! WHAT A BLESSING! So it was awesome awesome! And my Panini Maker was involved in celebrating Hello Kitty! WHAT FUN! So...I love eBay, not just for the part where I empty my basement, or where I get paid, but for GEMS like that! VIVA the panini maker!!!