Saturday, April 30, 2011

A post for April!?

What do I write! I've got 52 minutes left to post...I'm SO TIRED....AND? I have a shot at being in bed before 11:30....I'm taking it. I was sent a "Flat Stanley" this month....and I was so worried that I'd let this girl down, as I did the last "Flat People", though....we redeemed ourselves....and by "WE"? I mean Momma Bear did! And then....LOST them in some church in Austria!? At least they are to a good home....we hope! So, I color copied him, laminated him, and have taken more than a hundred pictures of him! So....he's had some adventures...and no lie...I might miss him. Did I go overboard on pictures? Did I make him into a story book because she deserves the world? Yes...yes I did! Will I do that again? Doubt moms...dads...don't get any ideas...unless you think I really love you. Which, I probably do, but how about...lower the expectations, as I've set my own bar too high!

Love to all! Extra to Julia for giving me her Flat Stanley!