Wednesday, July 7, 2010


In a's how I feel right now. Not how I felt on that day at SEARS when I was like 4. Not gonna lie. All I want to do is sleep-but in air I so picky!? WHY IS IT A 100 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently...this is what happens to me when I'm not on tour. Is it bad that I'm alive on the road living out of a suitcase with total strangers to greet me every day!? Mayhaps...but that's how it goes. The blog is called "ViCarrie" know...a play on"VICARIOUSLY"? And...say...MY NAME? Though...I don't think I'm very good at blogging, let alone at blogging so that you feel you are living VI-CARRIE-OUSLY!!! Sorry...I'd say I'd try to do better, but I've met me...I doubt it! tour days typically start with an alarm in the 6am era...though the 5am's do happen...then we go go go go and THEN GO, in whatever weather, walking however many miles, and smiling the whole time, until I run out of bus driver hours....and then we re-check in to hotel/home, and I check in security, no matter how incompetent they are, and I go to my room....sometime around 11 ish. Do I go right to bed? PAH!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!! I want to...but I have to lay out my clothes...because what happens when one of my three alarms doesn't go off? And I have to rush!? I have to do my paperwork, because if I don't glue stick daily...well, it's a mess. And then I have to unwind...shower....stalk facebook, and sometimes...prep commentary for the next day. Usually, on kid tours....I'm's adult tours.....they ask some questions, and they expect some answers....they PAID for answers...and then I wonder...if I'm the best person for the job! lol I the way. (since all my bosses have access to this!). And then...maybe around midnight, or 1, I go to bed. I try NOT to go to bed past 2, unless it's the last night, or second to the last night, rarely third to the last night, because I can't recover from that....and I get all "woe is me" on me...and it's not pretty. 1 usually my goal. And 5 hours later, the alarms start it Ground Hog day!? And is that one word or two...? Groudhog or Ground Hog...?

So there....I did it....I posted in the year 2010. was something relevant...a window into my life. And just's 1:04....I'm not really in real clothes yet....and on the agenda is an un-needed trip to Home Goods-recent discovery.....and church. Don't hate me because I'm plan-less and you've been up since 5. I don't get weekends...or days off on I take them all together at home. don't get those you can perhaps hate me if you want....but just a little.

Love to all...I'll try to be better.

P.S. I didn't take a picture of it...and I should have...but yesterday...while shopping to stay cool...I saw a pepto bismol PINK Mustang. I would like to take the time right say that is not okay...ever. UNLESS that person ACTUALLY owns the pepto bismol company....and I'm gonna sincerely doubt that.