Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I wrote this a while ago, and I haven't been adding to it...don't worry, it's not that I've been understood more, and I have less to define, people just care less about the definitions! SO...cleaning up my blog a little, for my one reader, me, and I'm making it into a blog vs. junking up the SIDE of my blog.

  • BUSSED-The act of getting thrown under the bus. Not LITERALLY of course....just being sold out, thrown to the wolves, outted, generally to make tiny small person feel good about themselves. Generally childlike behaviour.
  • COAT HANGERED-The grin that you can't help! Being helpless against the smile! We all know the kind...whether it be the cute boy/girl, seeing that "Blue Man Group" AND "Wicked" are on your Chicago Itinerary, or knowing you'll be having dinner IN the Eiffel Tower. It's as though someone has put a coat hanger in your mouth!
  • DONE DONE-When we play Rummikub in our house you have 2 chances to be done...so you can say..."I'm done" and then if you see something else to play? You have that chance....but if you say you are "DONE DONE"? You are done. I mean DONE....no going again...DONE DONE!
  • DUH FACTOR-when things are so clearly obvious and we cannot resist the 2nd grader within to just say "DUH".
  • DOUBLE DUH-When things are MORE than just CLEARLY obvious!. (Phrase actually coined by Bill Taylor-I cannot take credit)
  • FITCHETT COMPLEX-says that a Fitchett's way is best (usually of the Carrie Fitchett Fitchett's)...regardless of whether it is or not. Also can be defined as "I'll just do it myself as it will be much quicker that way". Commonly followed with acts or feelings of being a martyr.
  • FOF-FILTER ON FUN-Essentially? Knowing when to stop having a good time, never wearing out your welcome, heeding your limits. Generally something I DON'T have. What? It's 2:30 in the morning? And I have to be at work at 7? And it's an hour away? Let's play another game.
  • FREEZER SECTION NEUROSIS (FSN)-the overwhelming feeling that hits you, usually in the freezer section, when you look at your cart, realize you have like a hundred and something dollars of food in your cart and you just want to walk away and leave it there.
  • "HI POT? IT'S KETTLE."-When clearly one chides another about a behaviour that he/she does him/herself. Stemming from the quote used by your grandma..."Well, (hands on hips) THAT's the pot calling the kettle black!"
  • JIC!-Just In Case!
  • MARY POPPINS BAG-The end all be all of JIC's...and perfect for travel!
  • OTS- Oncoming Traffic Syndrome, the neurotic desire to just turn into oncoming traffic...not necessariy in a suicidal fashion so much as to really emphasize your rotten mood.
  • PANERA DAY-When you are able to spend an entire day catching up on e-mails, doing research, and putting together speeches at a "Panera Bread" because of their free WiFi and refills! Acceptable substitues are often Caribou Coffee or Corner Bakery.
  • RG's-Round Goodness. Essentially they mean a specific type of pizza from Andy's Pizza in Sea Girt, but now there are exceptions...as long as it's round. The originals are these mini personal pizzas of broccoli or tomatoes. Both coming with loads of cheese & GARLIC! They are delish, and they are always a good time.
  • SQUARE PEG ROUND HOLE-can also be said in reverse....essentially? Used when something doesn't fit....generally in dealing with relationships.
  • THE BACKPACK-is the shortened version of the BITTER BACKPACK...which is this horrible thing that happens...and it tends to affect women more strongly. It's a self-induced "woe is me" pity burden, that is really REALLY annoying.
  • WOE IS ME COMPLEX-Generally used in a mocking tone...more to small children when the whole world is RUINED because Barbie only has one shoe, or some other similar situation. NEVER to be used in a real situation where woe really IS you. Used best when feigning faint and putting your arm over your forehead with your eyes closed

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The Fitionary is my 2nd Bible. Too far?