Friday, January 28, 2011

Just love.

So....I heart me some smoked salmon, cream cheese, and an everything bagel. I'm quite certain were it not for the price or addition to my booty...I'd eat it DAILY!'s on the menu for my Heaven's Pantry. Heaven's Pantry? All delicious things that will my pantry (in my mansion) in Heaven! Am I sure we get to eat in Heaven? Nope, we will be praising Jesus all the day, so I wonder if they'll be time for food, but hey, a girl can hope right? So...back to my salmon. We got a new bagel place near us...and I tried it out, and it's good. I don't like all the frills with my lox....JUST lox and cream cheese, no onion/tomato/lettuce drama. At this place....they do it right, and more importantly...Valerie does it right. She's the one I run into the most, and quite frankly, am disappointed when she's not there. And so, I know some things about her, like Sweet Pea is her favorite BBW fragrance.....and her dad is from Hungary, and well, that might be all. BUT...I brought her dad some paprika from Hungary when I was there in December, and some Sweet Pea lotion for her, and she was ECSTATIC! And so today, I was in again, and she was saying her dad was so excited and wanted to use it, but her mom wanted to save it! (Mom won) At any rate, I walked out of there, just happy, blessed to get to love on a total stranger, though, slowly becoming my friend. It's just such an honor to share God's love, because it is, by grace, that I have it to begin with. I'm not saying you have to go out and buy presents for people you want to love on....I am saying, just to love! We've been loved, so pass it on. And? Don't pass it on if you aren't doing it to your inner circle. We all know what I mean! Why is it so easy to love on total strangers, and not so easy to love on your own family!? Love on friends....LOVE!

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