Monday, January 10, 2011

Turned out to be a blog about Budapest!?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's come to my attention that it's 2011....which means today, January 10, 2011...could be seen as 011011. I like it. Though, I'm more excited about tomorrow's 1-11-11...and just WAIT till NOVEMBER!!!!!! Anyway, big day for me, washing my mattress pad AND sheets. So live Vi-Carrie-ously THAT way! HA! Photo for the day is the Chain Bridge and I, taken from the Pest side of Budapest, Hungary. What about Hungary you ask!? Some people love love love it. I think it's beautiful, but I like it....not love. I went for the first time back in 2007? Mayhaps? I have no idea what year that was, but I was going to meet my dad there, his plans changed, my flight was booked! lol-typical me. Anyway, a friend met me over there from NC, and another from Slovenija. We had a great time, did a tour, saw the highlights, went to the Central Market, at goulash, and then we took a 2 day trip down to Ljubljana-capital of Slovenija! LOVED that! We went to some caves, some castle,Bled (the "town of" Bled..we didn't actually BLEED!), and then home. So then, when this cruise (catch up, I went on a Danube River Cruise this past December) ended up in Budapest, I didn't really know what else I wanted to do there. I couldn't get a groove on the language, I didn't really get the history, so I'd gotten the highlights? YES, I realize that is shallow to say-thank you, but it's my blog. Deal. I did want to go to "Monument Park", where all the old communist statues were moved to, after the fall of communism in Hungary...we did-the "HOW" is another whole blog in and of itself, but we went, and it was great, snowy, but great...weird....but great. That afternoon we went to the Fine Arts Museum, not my idea, but I am SOOO glad we did! And so now, how do I feel about Budapest? Well, I still think it's beautiful, but I think that I could visit one more time and be good- granted, the more often you go places, the more you find to do....

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