Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello! My name is Carrie, and I AM an aisle seater.

I hate the middle seat...but who doesn't you know!? Um...yes, I'd LOVE to fight for armrest space, and I'd love to have to move someone if I have to go to the bathroom, and yet STILL have to move if window has to go to the bathroom! That said? THAT's LIFE!!!!! Middle seat= Life. Ooooh. Profound. Well, with flash mobs going around, what about one with Southwest, everybody checks in early, and a people in the A zone RUN onto the plane and fill in the middles....preferring the ones from the back! Wouldn't THAT be the day!? Mind you, I'm anti-Southwest for this reason. I love me some assigned seatage! (No, of course that's not a word.) I read "Nuts" in college, I did the case study, but thankfully, Southwest is never a really great option for me, I HATE not having an assigned seat!! There are not a lot of "hard and fast" things about me...I'm pretty "it depends" about everything-sadly....BUT, I am an aisle seater. I will ALWAYS prefer aisle...always. And so when flying Southwest, you have to remember to check-in online the SECOND that you can...and then if you do get a good spot, you have to go around, checking peoples numbers, and somehow, not feel bad when you have to "cut" that mom with a crying kid, or the old lady with too many bags, or the gum smacker (since you'd rather smack her/him). So once you've successfully found your given place in line, and pretended it didn't matter when there was a 12 standing in front of your 11....but it did. You get on, and then, you'd pick an aisle...in the front, and WATCH ALL THOSE PEOPLE PASS YOU!! And then, the couples that get split up, and then watch the window person crawl over you, and then watch the middle person miserably take the first avail middle, and me personally? I FEEL BAD!!!! I hate the method. I like..., scratch that, LOVE...when I have an assigned seat. I can't move, I HAVE to sit there, the airline says I have to...blame, properly passed.

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