Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green Grass..

I say this all the time....and I mean it. There is ALWAYS gonna be greener grass...but in the end? It's still gotta be mowed! So LOVE your own grass! And support your neighbors in the growing of theirs!!! (Listen psychos...there are no drug references here) Seriously though, I am blessed blessed blessed with what I do for a living....BLESSED! But you are too. Are ya married? Green. Do you have babies? Green. Can you run more than a quarter mile? Green. Do you have fabulous eyelashes? Green. Do you make more money than me (not hard)? Green. Do you have your own TV show? Green. (Shameless plug for my friend Sarah Kouba doing the "Billings Way" starting January 30!) So have green grass in front of you, quit looking over the fence!!! I have friends that are "jealous" of being gone all the time, and living in my suitcase, and going to Paris.....I get that. But they have babies, and husbands, and HOUSES!!! There is some semblance of normalcy and consistency to their lives. So for me...that's green grass. Don't get me wrong, I adore what I do for a living, and don't really know what else I would do, but there are short moments in my life, (usually when my bus driver is jacking up my tour) when I wonder what 9-5 Monday through Friday is really like. So, do me a favor. Love on your green grass.

(This photo is courtesy of my green grass....Tower Bridge in London this past November....also featured in this years Carrie-alendar for the month of September.)

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