Tuesday, February 8, 2011


ARGHHHH!! I don't know who lets me out of the house with money...I shouldn't be allowed to buy anything....ever....because it exists...in my BASEMENT! Bath & Body Works is officially the death of me! Working there, getting stuff close to free....I NEED HELP! lol So....I'm obviously mucking out a little. There is so much to be done....SO MUCH! My goal is to have a method to the madness though....Christmas with Christmas, Kitchen with Kitchen, etc.....so we'll see. We still have Grams stuff in the garage, and she had NOTHING compared with what I feel I have!! And then we (and by "we" I mean not me) emptied the attic to the basement, so there is THAT to go through...and all I can think about is what if I died tomorrow? My poor mother is stuck with all that BURDEN!! So....I'm making a bigger SELL pile, and trying to pitch and condense the rest. And I'll just say this...holy candles batman! YIKES! So, dear readers, quit buying, and start purging. HEAVENLY TREASURES!!!!!!!! And? In time, if you must buy, make sure it's from my ebay store! ;-)

And? Now...because I can't stop watching it, and don't think you should either?

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