Thursday, February 3, 2011

American Idle (not a spelling error!)

I can't hold it in any longer. Steven Tyler is a mess on American Idol. J Lo-well, she's fine, but that's all...fine. And Randy, I've never been a big fan, but this year, his teeth got whiter, and I'm over the "dawg" bit....though, I never really was down with it. Do I watch American Idol? Not really. I made it through one season till the end-the one where Fantasia and her big flat tongue won., and then one season till the last three, and then I bailed, but I do like the beginning rounds...where people get to "go to Hollywood" (dawg)....but this year? YAWN! I mean Steven Tyler's face doesn't move....I'm okay with plastic surgery, and hey, I'm okay with botox, but his face is the same, happy, sad, scared, annoyed, hungry, whatever, the SAME! J Lo-meh. She's just "Jenny from the Block"....plain boring Jenny. Sure, they do her up, put her in some tramp shorts, play with her hair, whatever, but in the end? Booorrrinng! And? I think she could actually be funny under the drama of "Glamour" or whatever it is. And well, Randy, he was the short stick with Paula and Simon anyway, and now? He's the hot stuff...compared to THOSE two....perhaps. Ryan Seacrest, however, still continues to be great.. I like him, there seems to be a little bit of normal in him, he, is the glue. So when all is said and done...I miss Simon...I loved him. Paula, well, I missed her too, she was consistently true to who she was, and Randy? I'd like to be missing you. Idol, needs a break, and Steven Tyler....goodness....two words. Hot Mess.

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