Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy's Re-cap

Grammy's. Meh. Sure....I love music...but I may love the WRONG music. I mean I watched more OTHER things last night, WHILST watching the Grammy's! Sure....the 5 "divas" singing was impressive...though...Yolanda...bores me. And I did feel bad when Christina fell, though, I'm always just surprised more don't. Gaga did her weird thing....that's fine...and then? Martina Lambert came on, put people to sleep, Bob Dylan was a hot mess....or maybe technical jacked it all. It was error after error I felt. Yes, of course I'm perfect, how else could I comment like this?! Then angry Eminem, which is always a good time because of Momma Bear's M&M comment...hahaha. And Dr. Dre. Special place in my heart because my brother and I met him, WAY back in the 1991. He was sitting in front of us at a Knicks game at the Garden. My brother knew who they were...I, did not. Ed Lover & Dr. Dre...apparently they had a show on MTV then? I don't know....but anyway, I remember it, my brother barely did, and I'm very sure Dr. Dre does not. Back to the Grammy' I'd flipped away....and the Kris Kristofferson was a train wreck, back up-so was P. Diddy (or is it just Diddy), oh, yeah. so was Jamie Foxx. BUT....Barbara Streisand. UGH. I don't like her anyway, but I thought I'd give her a chance. YAWNER! Back to "Criminal Minds" I went. Better a repeat of THAT than listening to Barbara. So then...this ATROCIOUS band comes on...Arcade Fire? AND THEN THEY WIN RECORD OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!! To which, I rolled my eyes and went back to "The Holiday"...where things made more sense. Am I getting old? What's going on? I like hip music....I mean I'm not THAT old! Pshhh. Whatever. Kudos out there to Lady Antebellum....I like them, hint of normalcy...and am secretly glad Beiber didn't win a Grammy, but I do wish Usher would take care of his velcro he's passing off as "hair". Thank you....and good night.

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