Friday, February 25, 2011

Shuttle Launch. Best. Thing. Ever.

It was....the best thing ever. Top 10? Try TOP 5! Or top 1 right now! I'm too tired for the whole saga right now...but the short version is that if you "youtube" shuttle launch videos? The crowd acts all "oooh....ahhh..." and REALLY WOWWED!? And you think....why do you act like a 4 year old with sparkly it really THAT cool? Well friends....yes. YES IT IS. Perhaps the those that have seen it on a daily basis (my exaggerated way of saying "once before") think it's "neat"...but it took my breath away, I mean, I'm snapping pictures one minute, and CRYING THE NEXT! Maybe I didn't know I was that excited to have seen it? Ah. MAZE. ing. Seriously...lived up to every drop....and SURPASSED! It was too busy...too short of a span! I didn't have time to watch, film, take pictures, AND absorb the sound! Just...WOW! Here is a video...until it lifts off the screen...but alas...

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