Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweat the Small Things!

In life...sometimes it IS the small things! You know that book/cult...."Don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff"? I get it...pick your battles, and CHILLAX! BUT, sometimes it's the "small stuff" that makes your day! AND LET IT! I walked into the Sheraton on my last tour, into my bedroom, and there it was...a MINI SPONGE! I don't travel with mesh sponges....I don't know people that do...and I might be inclined to make fun if I did! (That said-there may be excusable circumstances....) I also don't use them at home, because they idea of it sitting in the shower, never fully drying...? Is not appealing to me! BUT...if I could have one NEW every day? I'd be in! So, this little guy? PERFECT! 3 nights with me, and then he's trash! It was a treat to use a sponge, and more of a treat to use one on a TOUR! Dear Sheraton....THANK YOU! (And the rest of the stay was also enjoyable, minus the little rug rats from the Mt. Laurel Hockey team, whose parents thought it best to have them run up and down the hallways screaming whilst they talked loudly in their rooms with the doors open...that is, IF they weren't at the bar. IS THE ART OF PARENTING DEAD!? YOU ARE CREATING MONSTERS!!!!!! That, is a prime example of "not sweating the small stuff" I think!) I say, revel in the small stuff, if it's a mini mesh sponge in your hotel room!

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