Friday, February 4, 2011

JUST SAY NO! (To Scoops)

It's official....scoops are NOT the chip of choice. It's never been with Tammy and I...but we let JP decide tonight, and he was NOT down with the scoop! ( I mean look at his face! OBVIOUSLY he doesn't like them!) He'll also agree that it cuts up the roof of your mouth. So be considerate....don't bring them to parties...especially since this Sunday is a big chip day. Think of others. We realize you can "scoop" up the goodness....dips...salsa....whichever, but really? In order to "scoop"? You have to plunge it in there, and your thumbs get all messy,'s gross, I mean have you been washing your hands after every "scoop"? No! And? It's SICK SEASON! Buy the bite size....everybody can fit them in your mouth, AND fit dip on them, and most importantly? NO HARM DONE!!!!!! The roof of your friends mouth will thank you for it. Hmmm....why isn't that a t-shirt. A picture of scoops with a red circle stamped on it, and then "Just say no, the rooves of your friends mouths will thank you for it!" I like it (Is "rooves" a word?!). And really? We're not saying down with Tostitos....just hate scoops. So...fight for the right to eat "Hint Of JalapeƱo" in normal form-not mouth hurting form. This last picture, is of JP standing up for non scoops....we're getting him a onesie made. And? Just to clarify? Mrs. Corti must also agree...I mean she's got a chip ON her shoulder for the love! (Had to be said friends....had to be said.)

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