Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today...is February 1. So if you've jacked your New Year's Resolutions already, it's your chance to start over. NOT that any of you/(read I) would. lol Today...is also "RABBITS"! And...for me...it's a "camp thing" My FAB FAB FAB ranch in Montana that I worked at for 5 summers, Clydehurst Christian Ranch, had a thing.....where every 1st of the month...you had to say "RABBITS" to the other person....before they said it to you! So....July 1, and August 1, were VERY big days. My mom and I do the same, generally I forget, and then mutter when I get got.....BUT...I do try to win on the big one...January 1, of the new year. I got that this year....but then WHAM...this morning....at midnight...."RABBITS" was yelled down the hall. MUTTER MUTTER!!!

Why "Rabbits"? Well, in googling....(love that "googling" is a word!) It's a UK thing, that had spread to Massachusetts!? It initially was for good luck, which, I think luck is bogus, I'm quite sure I need more than luck-God's got that, but now it's become for fun. I'm reading where it says to say "white rabbits"? What about all those wild BROWN rabbits! lol

Wiki, the legit source of all, says this....
  • "It is believed that saying "Rabbit Rabbit" on the first day of the New Year will bring year long good luck." (So....I got that....because when I called my mom-to wish her a Happy New Year.....I started with "RABBITS"....but her clock hadn't turned...so I kept saying it until it did! lol)
So then, RABBITS to you!!!!!

(Did you know that a rabbit can reproduce at 1 month old!?-see what you learn when you blog!?)

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