Wednesday, February 16, 2011

6 degrees of our small world!

There IS just ONE moon, and just ONE golden SUN! And a smile DOES bring friendship to EVERYONE! Though the mountains divide-And the oceans are wide-It's a small small world!!!

It's a song for a reason! Wow. I seriously can't get over it! Just today, on the precious world of Facebook...a friend that has been in my life since I was born-and I love her dearly, she's been my mom's besty since they were 11! ELEVEN! Well, we have a mutual friend, that we never knew about! NOR WOULD WE HAVE! Thank you FB! When I did my two week training for one of the companies I work for....I met this fabulous lady...and we don't work full time with the company we trained with anymore, and our paths NEVER cross, and I haven't seen her since that one time meeting of 2 weeks in a row...but FB has kept us in touch?! Well, turns out SHE met my mom's childhood friend back in the 80's they were neighbors Missouri, and then AGAIN in the 90's in Hawaii! Already they shared a small world...and then? ENTER ME! Well, I'd been entered I guess....but it's really incredible. God keeps us small huh!? Granted, what I do for a living, makes my world smaller...I mean I run into people in the strangest of places because of what I do...but!

And for fun!? Well, last fall, I ran into a friend at the Eiffel Tower that I'd met in San Diego 2008, then I ran into him in NYC last April, WITH....another girl I didn't know he knew, that I'd met in LA in November of 2007....amazing, but that's touring. the norm!!

What's not NOT normal? In 2006? I think?! I went to prior blog, I mentioned it in there I think. Anyway, not really a planned trip, then we randomly decided to head to Slovenija with my friend Jana, we spent 2 in late, spent the night, TOURED for one day, spent the night, then I headed back up to Budapest? In that ONE day of touring? We were productive...and went out the Postojna Caves? We did other things too...and ended our day with a visit to her mum in the country side, and dinner in Bled! Amazing, by the way, amazing. ANYWAY, we're at these caves, and waiting for our tour, so we hop into the gift shop, and I hear English...but American English, and it's weird to hear familiar, when in foreign...more so in some places than others. I mean Slovenija isn't this huge country, and certainly this little place isn't riddled with American tourists...I look up, and low and behold? I KNOW THE GIRL! She's Lisa, from my gym! (Yes, when I HAD a gym, and when I would actually go, duh, this is so not now! lol) Anyway, small SMALL world...and I do NOT believe in coincidence! She was just finishing the tour we were waiting on! Amazing!!!

And most recently? I was in Paris this October, and it's departure day...I'm taking my gaggle to the airport, and we are leaving the hotel....or TRYING! And this van is parked and blocking driver is NOT happy about this! So, we finally escape, to be cut off by a taxi, and then? The local bus headed to the airport is parked crooked so that we don't fit to driver is now LESS happy! And then? He taps me...and points...and people are FRANTICALLY WAVING AT US!! And well!? It's friends from a trip that I did in June to LA! AMAZING! They were on vacay, staying at a hotel in the neighborhood of mine! And were just headed out for the day, and he saw the bus, and saw ME! And since we were stuck we had the time to recognize, open the door, hug, and say TEXT ME! Amazing amazing amazing!!!

It's encouraging to see love on the road! To see people that you've met, in parts of your life, and to see them and you, out of your normal element! Unexpected bursts of happiness is what that is!!!!! That nice to people...especially strangers! YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE YOUR PATHS WILL CROSS! Once, I had a customer come into the store, we had a conversation, he was memorable....low and behold, the next day, he's on my flight to Miami! I was headed off to Peru...him to visit his folks, I think...anyway, he was sitting 2 rows in front of me! And, I saw him a year later at a Thai restaurant-that's another story. lol. But that KICKER of him, is that he's not from around here...he lives in WYOMING! nice to strangers, love on God's people. And from the lesson side of things? If you ever get annoyed with that other driver? Be assured they'll park next to you, or go to your church. Or if you are in an airport? Guaranteed they will be sitting next to you!

Love on all...that's your lesson! And Love on our small world! God is so big, and so orchestrating the small things!

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