Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So...this is a catch up....since I wasn't home for 2 months...and then I got to come home for a solid 6 days....and it was really great...and it's just great to be surrounded by love! And so...it was said to me, by another near and dear, as they just went home to their family for a spell....that it was so nice to be around people you love and that love you right back. It is. And if you aren't the person that leaves and comes back...be aware of the love you are surrounded by daily....cherish it. I feel like coming home is a recharge. I didn't get a Nintendo till I graduated from college...but on the N64...Mario could run through the heart for a recharge? I feel like that is what I do when I come home....topped up on love to go again! I LOVE being on the road....and I feel more at home away from home sometimes...but it is just so nice to come home and chill in love's company. So thanks...for those of you who love me-cuz I love you right back! And this picture? Excuse what I look like...I was coming off tour and it was 5 in the morning after a 1am bedtime...but Lorrie Hanson met me at the door on St. Patty's Day with green scones...and one shaped like a heart. I wasn't kidding about feeling loved!

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