Thursday, May 29, 2008

"From Whence I Came"

I totally MUST go to bed before 1am tonight/day, but I must write this. This morning I came down to a note from my mom written on a paper towel...along with a dead head of lettuce and some stale rolls. The note said this...."After I mow we'll throw these out for your friends, so we can see where they are. Or MAYBE you can tear them into pieces and put it close to the house so you can lure them to be your pet." This of course in regards to my over-obsession with the groundhogs...see blog below. Anyway, this cracked me up....I mean almost fits of giggles. It launched me back to a conversation I had with Annie-with whom you should all be familiar with by now-but we were talking about the Flip-Flop party and how she couldn't come because of a tour, but how she really wanted to because she wanted to see "from whence I came". It was funny, and she said she just really wanted to see where I came peeps/cats/etc. note...from my mom...about helping me lure the groundhogs into "petdom" was so TOTALLY from whence I came! I mean this apple hasn't fall far from the tree....if I've fallen at all. So...if you think I'm haven't met my brother, father, or mother...cuz I have nothing on them. Anyway, I pulled the Hansel and Gretel on the groundhogs...and now I'm waiting......

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Lisa said...

Is she an Arrested Development fan?

And yes, your family is pretty funny.