Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dancing trees.

So...today...in driving to Target with Gayley...a tree caught my eye...and really made me laugh, and almost out loud. It was totally dancing! Not just any dancing though! You have to know the background, which could be impossible, but I'll try. We had training for work, you know that tour manager thing I do, and it was in Vermont for 2 weeks. It was great....see the huge house down below. Anyway, so at the end of the 2nd week, JCrom (our boss-who HATES nicknames, but for the sake of anonymity...it works!) had a birthday and was coming up to the house ON his birthday. So of course Annie says...."well, we have to make up a birthday dance" and just so matter of factly. It wasn't like "hey....we should make up a dance...right guys?" It was just like duh...of course we did. I love that Annie...like nobody you have ever met. So....we do...we ended up doing it to "Blue" by Eiffel 65. So...we get some moves down....and then we get all peeps on board...which was a riot. ANYWAY...my whole point here...is in the beginning? We all start bent over with our heads down...then we "swim" up? And this "swimming" is what the tree was TOTALLY doing! It wasn't "swaying" or "blowing" or anything! IT WAS SWIMMING! So...it made me laugh, and it made my heart smile. So start to notice more...the wind doesn't make the trees move...it makes them DANCE!

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Annie said...

lol, that is amazing!!!! And so what I will be looking at when I see trees (only swimming trees)....and MY heart will smile...I love your tags too: Annie. Pensive. Short. lol..
Chi-town here you come!!!! And Jam with Annie!