Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Antibac Angel!

I may have a problem. Isn't admitting it the first sign!? I knew I had extras...but I didn't know I had a LOT of extras!! In my defense...I use the stuff. NOT CRAZY, but enough to go through them, if I quit buying them for a little while! What are they? Anti-bacterials...MINIS! "POCKETBACS" as the Bath & Body Works world calls them! And they attach with that little rubber holder! They are IDEAL when traveling! I attach them on every bag, so I have one, at all times. (Also? They serve well for attaching zippers together, makes it a little harder to pick pocket, just a deterrent...) I think it's what kept me healthy ON the trip with the "GERM". I didn't nickname him that-the bus did....he was an open mouthed no cover cougher. He got a LOT of people sick-I didn't know it was only him till too late, or maybe I'd have booted him?! Nah...I wouldn't have, but I'd have handed him a box of tissues and said "COVER"! Anyway, I didn't get sick till AFTER the trip was THAT was good! lol Anyway, that said....I obviously have too many. I even gave one away to my last Paris guide...I should have given her more huh!? Well, maybe next year! :-)
For now, don't they look like and ANGEL!? Antibac Angel. I love it.

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