Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Zappos,

I think I might love you....don't tell

Love, Carrie

(BLOG. sort of new for me. I JUST ordered sweet boots, plural, 3 pair, from them. NONE of them fit right....for that I blame the reese cup I had for dinner, not Zappos. Either way, I mailed them back, done and done. They mailed them to me for free.....I mailed them back-for free. Gorgeous. So then, I received something as a gift that I wasn't head over heels about-pun intended, and well, I took just short of FOREVER to send them back, and they were AWESOME on the phone about it-thankyouReginanotapuppet? Anyway, so she said they'd be there "tomorrow".....WOW...really!? So....okay....crazy quick, but okay. So, then TODAY-which was "tomorrow" yesterday-ya with me? Anyway, I got an e-mail from Zappos, with their SINCEREST apologies about the fact that I wouldn't be getting my shipment today/tomorrow as promised! What? "Due to this situation, and as an apology, we want to give you a $15 off coupon to assure you this was not indicative of the level of service we provide to our loyal Zappos customers." WHAT? YES PLEASE! AND THANK YOU!!! Cool. Very cool. Not at all necessary, but FAB!! FAB! Thank you Zappos, could you now call ebay and tell them to step up!?)

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