Saturday, December 4, 2010

BOO to XM Radio!!

Dear XM,

Never again. NEVER AGAIN! My brother bought me the radio in January of 08....not with the first sign of a problem should have been when hooking it up, the automated person kept getting my zip code wrong, and once I asked to speak with a real person, the set up was an extra $10. So...I had it for a year...loved it, and in January 09, with all my touring, I decided to cancel...they decided to ignore and automatically take it from my debit card. So the calling began. I tried to cancel....they said, how about we give you the year for half price....? Um....okay....well, come July, the service was of course I had to assume that in fact, they charged me for half for the full year, but only gave me half the year....whatever, I couldn't be bothered....I was finally done with them. Oh no no January 10, bills....I call....the guy says, you've had xm all year....I say no, I haven't, he says yes you have, maybe you just need a new station, or it needs to be re-somethingorothered. What? So he gives me a new code, I try it, it works, so in fact, they changed whatever that was, so I thought it was done....whatever, I try and cancel....but then he gives me two months free...I was still naive. So...I take the two months free. Come March....I get a bill....FOR THE PAST TWO MONTHS!!! I call...go over my situation again, and he says, okay, how about if I take that price, and delete it, and charge you $24 for another 6 months. I'm still naive, I take it, and he's swearing up and down that it will be canceled in July, and I call in make sure. Fine. Done and done....though, I still receive HEAPS of mail from them. Okay, so then I am GONE forever, and YESTERDAY, in the mail comes a BILL for xm for $55....WHAT?! DUE a WEEK AGO!!! So I call, to cancel....and get transferred, and cancel, and we get "disconnected"....after she offers me a "free month"....I said you couldn't offer me 3 years! So then I call back, and get some other ninny, who tells me I have TWO radios on this account and have a balance of $30....NO I DO NOT!!!!!!! So....we cancel that....and I make sure...AGAIN, that there is NO account whatsoever with my name on it, and put me on any do not call list you want to, but I would like to NEVER hear from you again. Done. And what comes in the mail? ANOTHER BILL FROM XM! And so, I assume it was sent before the conversation, that's fine, but then, literally 3 hours later....the house phone rings. "Hi, this is Sarah from XM....we just wanted to confirm your billing address?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!????? I said seriously? FOR WHAT?! I am NO longer a customer, she points out the two accounts, (that I do not have) and then says oh....I see they are canceled, I said right, do you see the part where I am on a DO NOT CONTACT? No. Of course not, she puts me on that, apologizes, and does not offer me a free anything, but wishes me a Happy Holiday. I wish her a Merry Christmas, and am PRAYING that xm never contacts me again. BOOO TO XM!!!! I loved the satellite radio...I do, but trying to quit? Worse than a break up! FOR THE LOVE, LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!

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