Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mmmmmm....the craving for the insides of a peanut butter cup started promptly after my nap this afternoon....I didn't know why....but I knew I MUST have the insides. Sure, I could go buy a Reese Cup, but to be honest, I like them for a brief while, and it's really the chocolate that doesn't hold my interest, but oh the insides. So I google and insides recipe, mind you, my mom makes DA BOMB reese cups, and used to make them every Christmas...along with her famous popcorn cakes, to which my brother and I would DREAD having to deliver on Christmas Eve....anyway, I go downstairs...and I say to mom, I need insides to reese's. She says, I have a recipe, I said I know, butter, confectionery sugar, graham crackers and peanut butter right? Yes, she answers, but I'll do it, I don't want you knowing my secrets....LOL! (Tricky me getting her to make them eh?) Anyway, so she mixes, and then I hear the BLECK....turns out graham crackers can go bad! As the box is from 2006, I pull out another box....from 2008...Hmmm....PROBLEM! Well, I'm too far into it to give up now. SO I put on shoes and grab my keys, she says, get new peanut butter too! (Do you have ANY idea how MANY different types of peanut butter there are!?) I get home, having spent $20 at the store, buying other things I didn't need...I have such a weakness for Snapple too. Anyway, home, and Momma Bear whips up this batch, that has now turned from a tasting to the full blown cup, she's melting chocolate and everything! Which worries me, I JUST WANT INNERDS....and NOW! She hands me a little bowl of it, warm buttery goodness, and BLISS BLISS BLISS! I couldn't even speak! YUMTASTIC!! I'm sure...that home made reese cup innerds will be in my heavens pantry....and is also a way to my heart! :-) Josh Mings....it is NOT just PEANUT BUTTER!!

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