Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So...I love fall...I do...and I love pumpkins. THAT SAID!? I like to LOOK at pumpkins...not eat them...well, seeds, okay, pies? Pancakes? Lattes? NO THANK YOU! They are, however, VERY VERY PRETTY! And I say this a lot, but how can you look at a pumpkin, and not believe in God. I mean they are a GORGEOUS color...they blend perfect with the leaves...which are another beauty all together, but then they are edible too (for those of you that like them that is...) So...God is real, He is big, and He's all or nothing. I'm just throwing that out there...more for me. Enjoy fall...enjoy every crunchy leaf. (My thanks to Lorrie Hanson for the use of her pumpkin for the photo shoot! Glorious time spent with her and Peter outside of Chi-town!)

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