Sunday, November 28, 2010

So today? FIREMEN!

1. If you are capable of raking or have a leaf me.
2. If you read this blog call me. lol.

On our way to Sunday Sushi (half price from 12-4), we saw to hombres blowing leaves, so we pull over to ask how much, they point me to their "jefe"...who was a kid....a guy...whatever. And he's like, I'll follow you to your house and see? Super! So, he does, and mom and I were discussing what we'd pay...she said $50...I said $80. So this cat gets out of his truck, asks where we want them, I the lawn? He says okay....I can do it for $210. I laugh out loud and say, yeah no, we're good thanks. TWO HUNDRED AND TEN DOLLARS! For him to do NOTHING, and for him to have his 2 hombres with leaf blowers do it!!! So he pays them $10 and hour and pockets the rest!? Note to self...."Earth & Turf"...steer clear. ( think that is a REASONABLE amount for leaves...)

Mom was "mowing"...(aka...leaf blowing)...she got half done...and then all of a sudden....she opens the door, and says, sort of calm actually..."Um...Carrie, I think I need your help....I...I think the lawnmower is on fire..." WHUUUUUAAATTT? So I ask if there are flames...she says yes. (You THINK it's on fire!?) So I grab my phone, to call 911, and wet a towel, and then the water bottle by the door....I go out...and it's smokin', and mom has her watering can...the pretty one she painted that is on display in our house, and she's filling it with water. I spray the bottle on it-not HUGE flames mind you, but yes, flames. And then the watering can...and I ask if we have a fire extinguisher, she says yes, I say where (which should cause you, reader, to ask yourself if you know where yours is-OR go buy one.), she says by the washer. So I run get it, while she's on the phone with 911. I spray it twice, and it's DONE! (Fire extinguishers are so cool), and I hear a siren...I look at mom..."is that for us I ask"....she nods..."I told them not to come as we'd put it out from when we first called to before we hung up...". A cop shows up. LOL. So he walks around it, assess the situation, and then STARTS it up again! It starts...ooohh! Mom is back in business...and then he says, if it doesn't work...I could use the tires. Ha ha ha. So THEN a firetruck FILLED with firemen, rolls up...8, EIGHT of them pile out, and a truck behind, then another pick-up truck, so all of them crowded around it. It was a sight to see....good times. I felt bad they, all EIGHT, had to come, but I'm grateful. I secretly think mom was just trying to meet the boys. lol. Anyway, the mower, may or may not work, but it did give me something blogworthy!

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