Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The CROOKED House of Windsor...NOT CRICKET!

Well, what a GLORIOUS day we had at Windsor Castle...I call it Windsor Palace....I have no idea why, but really....Palace...Castle...WHO CARES! Royalty lives there! We had a SUNNY DAY! A first for me...the leaves were REALLY beautiful....as was St. George's, in all it's sun and splendor. Some day? I'll go INSIDE the chapel! Turns out the Queen WAS there that day....but she didn't come say hello. Sad. Maybe next time. So, we do this trip as an option, so not all my peeps go, but on this particular trip, I had two other guides with me. Two FABULOUS guides-thank you Mark & Sarah for being as awesome as you are! Anyway, I tell my people about "The Crooked House" and how it's fun to grab a coffee, or tea, or lunch. However, THIS particular time? Nobody heard Crooked....but nobody! They all heard CRICKET! So when I had a lady say, you have to point out the "Cricket" house to me....I froze, (insert the part where I have to know everything all the time and when I don't, it's failure...and I'm RACKING my brain about crickets, and how do they relate to England, and what cricket house, and should I know this? Is it so obvious that I missed it in my research...on and on my brain goes...) and she interrupts my quizzical face, and says..."you know, the "Cricket House" you said to go to!? PHEW!!!!!!! SIGHS OF RELIEF! I had dodged a bullet! CROOKED! I SAID CROOKED!!!!! (By the way, she still heard CRICKET!) Anyway, I proceed to point it out, and then they go off to the castle. The other two guides and I head through the castle, and take the shortest way out...not without my stopping to have a picture taken with the guard...you know, the ones with the fuzzy hats!? So, I'm never with people here, I've NEVER had my picture take with them...so I DID! And I felt silly, but well, who cares, I can be a tourist. So I stand next to him, and mutter, "just stand there"...HAHAHAHAHAHA! As IF he would do anything else. Then, prompted by Mark or Sarah, I nuzzled closer, and after the picture, I apologized profusely and we went on our way. Ah...the CROOKED house...the reason for the blog. I ordered a hot cocoa...and it came with THOUSANDS of marshmallows! By thousands...I of course mean more than 50, less than a hundred, either way...oodles of mallows! It was great, along with some smoked salmon & cream cheese too, yum-tastic! And it was here, at the Crooked/Cricket House, that I enjoyed, what very well may have been, my favorite hot cocoa to date. Or should I write...favoUrite (a la British spelling!) So...get to Windsor...see the castle...but HAVE A HOT COCOA at the Crooked House! (I'll not vouch for the service or prices or even claim they have honey, but I overlook some things when woo'd by mallows!

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