Thursday, March 6, 2008

LamBie slipper socks....

First of all...I'll put an actual picture up when I get one...I mean yes, I'll steal one similar from the website, but the actual slipper/sock isn't there. Apparently? The don't exist. Second of all...I feel it very VERY important to pronounce the B in makes it more fun.

Let's set the stage. Bath and Body Works, as of maybe Holiday 05? Did this whole "sweetest softest" bit...and it's continued at Holidays and then last summer, they brought out the LamBie. Who is really more like the cutest, softest thing ever. So...I buy the see the picture. I love them. I buy them for my sister-in-law and for my Fousin. So, fine, great, I'm set...but then? THEN?! Last week...I'm in the store...and I spy them....little lamBie socks....kind of like Mary Jane socks? But with LamBie's little eyelashes and mouth? I snatched them right up. NO, I did not need them, but they were so cute, and I'd never seen them before! I don't know where they came from, but I didn't care...LamBie slipper/sock/cute foot goodness was coming home with me.

It's like a puppet for my FEET! I almost feel like a ballerina when I wear them. I said almost. They are so fuzzy...and when I look down at them? I smile. And it's one of those things, that if I ever saw another pair? I'd buy them...just to you never know.

So that's it...I'm tired...putting off going to bed, and I thought that you should know, I own the sweetest, softest, cutest, LamBie slippers/socks/foot puppets.....EVER!

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