Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Praise God for great friends!

So...I'm off on a string of travels.....YAY...and leaving my near and dears.... :'-( Sad. Just a huge thanks to the Grunkies that coffee'd tonight, shown here, various pictures taken throughout the year...or stolen from your facebook page! (sorry man! I have NONE of you!! We'll have to start taking some!)....you guys are the best....and I HEART my t-shirt...oh my goodness. I am so on pink long sleeve shirt patrol. Viva la cupcake! And with a CHERRIE on top? Hand made? In GREEN!? The best best. Do you get it? UH....DO YOU!? You all are the best....so thanks for coming, supporting, loving me!!!! And bloggings to come? Luz from Michaels....and the infamous Dawn and Olive Oil story.....good times...good times. Love you all! Thanks for being super....and Jimmy thanks for playing, and Gill, thanks for stopping by! Of course to the girls for being there, that goes without saying right? And to all my Grunkies that didn't make it? WHAT IS UP!??? LOL. Hugs friends!

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