Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tour Carrie

is the WORST at blogging! She has great ideas....but doesn't blog on tours...this...for sure...will be an issue.

I have so much to's nearly midnight here in again, it will have to wait. I'm hoping for a Panera Day....see the Fitionary...on Friday...but we'll see. I mean...Sophie Germain? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? More on her later.

Hugs to those of you that love me and stalk me here!!!! I will also have you know that I won a shirt on St. Patrick's Day. Why? How? Well, apparently I can rock out on a tamborine, and was asked to play with the BAND! OOOOOOOoooooooohhhhh! Translation? Lorrie...Hanson? Volunteered me to shake the Tamb...and then they were giving t-shirts away! Pictures coming soon. For now...just this one...on Navy Pier...playing with hats I didn't buy!

1 comment:

The Scherms said...

You are too much fun!!I love your pic!
I have to tell you I used your f-for fake wordology and it backfired on me. Don't try it with pocket:)