Friday, October 5, 2007

3 Days to go... it turns out...this is actually WORK! It's not all play! I have like a mile high MOUND of paperwork, and all sorts of accounting practices in my head...I wonder if I should have paid more attention in college? Nah. The super cool thing though, that I just found out?! I'm in a two bus move...which in non-tour person lingo? Means I have a FRIEND! She is doing the same tour at the same time, so we aren't together during any of our passenger time, but off time, and when I need HELP....she is there! We are on the same ship, along with like 1900 other people, and we pick our PAX (passengers) up at the same time...different buses of course, and all that jazz. But what a cool relief! I have a friend! Her name is pray for her too!

In other news...congrats to my Shannan...who is getting married on November 4. I won't be there...but of course in spirit! So YAY! Best wishes (sparkle sparkle)! I'm so happy for you! Hip hip hip hooray!

What else? I have like a gajillion errands to be running, and I'm sitting here...blogging!

And...FYI...go try the Maple White Mocha from Borders? OUT OF THIS WORLD DELISH! Yummmified!! I'm not sure that is a word, but it should be.

Alright kids...I'm outty, but I'm still stoked to go....crazy busy....and no, of course I haven't started to pack yet! DUH!

Love ya!!!!


Christine said...


Am I the first person to leave you a exciting!! I just wanted to wish you luck on your big trip and I look forward to reading all about it on this blog.
Christine (aka Penelope)

Carrie Ann said...

Ah my are the first, as only Penelopes should be!! And THANKS! I will miss you and I will tell you all about it...even though you INVENTED Italy, Greece, and were born in Croatia!