Sunday, October 7, 2007


I'm just wondering if I could be more tired? No? Oh okay...just checking. And have I packed yet you ask? Also a NO! But at least I've done the laundry of what I'm bringing right? NONONO! AH! I do this all the'd think I'd learn...but alas...I don't. So be it. I'm banking on those 2.5 days I have without PAX to get my groove on! FYI...did I go over the fact that PAX=Passengers?! There you have it. Anyway, I'm beat...tuckered...and I have WAY too much to do, so hope for wireless internet in Milano! an added bonus to my day yesterday which was emotionally tiring as well as furniture moving tiring? I missed a step coming down the stairs with DRAWERS in my hands...and they totally BEANED me in the head. And while it was funny, as my big brother, so encouraging, kept telling me I took one too many and it was just a matter of time till they fell? I still have a mini bruise comin' and it hurts. The flip of that situation is that it could have been super ugly....torn ligaments, dented walls, etc. So praise God for that. But speaking of falling down should really ask Gayley about when she brought down the stationary bike from upstairs. Mind you...stationary bike from like the 70's. Why she was even trying it, is really beyond me, and how she didn't die on the way down is all God again. I'm thinkin' that we Fitchett ladies shouldn't do manual labor anymore. Just a suggestion.

One more thing...Lindsay and Joel got married today...and it was BEAUTIFUL! And she...she was stunning, it brought tears to my eyes, I mean she's pretty anyway, but a truly gorgeous bride! They leave for Athens tomorrow...while I leave for Milan...and I miss them in Greece by a day...which is a bummer, but I'm sure it's fine that I don't crash their honeymoon! Speaking of people traveling where I am, when I am?! I know about 12 people in Italy and Greece the same time I'm there...CRAZY! It's a bevy of Italy TRAVEL!

That's it...I'm really goin' now!

Hi Penelope.


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