Monday, October 8, 2007


And with 3 hours to spare. So now I'm BriPod (to which I added "Princess Bride"!

And I'm off....I am still uber tired...still a little wigged about what is gonna happen...but ready to get on with it. I talked to the two group leaders going with us today...which was nice to touch base...but staving off the personal questions is going to be a challenge!

So, I'm gonna go hang out with Mom and Grams for a spell...before I jump in the shower....essentially...kill time, so that in the end when I realize I've forgotten something? It will be too late! Hip Hip hooray!!!!

So...from this side of the pond...peace out!


Curt said...

so...have you arrived yet?

Autumness said...

Hope your travels are going well...

BTW I chose you to be one of my Tagged friends!!!