Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm not gonna lie..

I'm still ECSTATIC about my trip. And a big thank you to those of you that are also excited for me! So now...I made my way back to NJ after my rockin' week of playing with the Swaynes and spending time in the city...I'm home...and it's SURREAL! I can't even describe it. God is so faithful. We were talking about that last night with Lindsay and Jackie.....He is so sure to give us what He wants us to have...because it IS what is best for us! Most of you know my number 1 choice was A COMPANY I SHAN'T NAME to work for, and they didn't call....they did call my good friend Annie...who TOTALLY deserves it of course, and I'm super happy for her, but they didn't call me! I was bummed...and by bummed, I mean CRABBY! And then of course other people get trips....and I deem them not as fabulous as me....because, really? Who is?! Anyway, no job for Carrie. So I can't just shut up and do what I know to be true? Wait upon the Lord? No, I'm vocally crabby. And then this...this PERFECT opportunity comes up. I mean I would have been happy with anywhere? But really? Throwing in 2 brand new countries? One of which being Croatia, that was super TOP on my "get to stat" list? Go God...He is so super faithful, and only absolutely wants the best for us. The hard part now...and listening when things aren't going perfect. I'm so thankful when I'm up...and petition when I'm down...I'm pretty sure I need to praise Him all the way around! Go God. It's still surreal...this blessing...I'm still making no strides to pack, I mean, I have over a week...what is the day before for? I'll solicit any tidbits, as long as they are true, on any of the places I'm going...I love great filler. Though...K$? Not from'll tell me all sorts of garbage! Alright kids...I'm outty. Thanks for loving me!!

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