Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm pretty sure that's the most original title in the world, I was gonna leave it with "so...". GO ME! At any's my blogging problem...anybody can read then it lies up to me to be vague...I mean stalkers are out there...I know this, Fitzsimmons, because I am one!

Anyway, we went up to the city yesterday to the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy....then did some Fucci, Foach, Frada shopping. It was hysterical...we'd be in this tiny little shop....I turn around....Selvi (aka..Licious) is GONE....and I was in the situation where she couldn't really leave without walking past I go over..look for the secret door...because there is ALWAYS a secret door in Chinatown, and I can't find it!? So like 10 seconds later, I hear "Carrie" and not from Licious. I turn around....little Chinese lady poking her head out of purses...secret door revealed! She had to call me as Licious was crammed into a smaller world of Furses! It was a hoot....seriously....I mean wasn't a van....but it wasn't much bigger than a van! So keep your eyeballs peeled in Chinatown for the mutterings of brand name high end bags, then follow very closely, and pay attention for the trick doors, and closed store fronts! What a riot. Then we went to the Empire State Building...which is always hour of pay 18 bucks to be up top for a max of like 5 minutes? Maybe not the best choice for 3 days of food! lol! BUT...Frank, Selvi's boyfriend, had never been up to the top! He's from excuse...I couldn't have that on my watch, not as a future Tour Director of course! So then we high tailed it back to our bus...which was an event that I'd never let happen on my watch, and if it does...know that I'll be a stressed mess....we didn't have time to load everybody on...and we had to move on...due to WITCH traffic lady! So we had to call the leftover peoples that couldn't hightail it on to the bus/MOTORCOACH quick enough....and they had to walk up 2 blocks. Quasi-disastrous, if I had been in charge! BUT I WASN' I soaked it up to ...."not my tour"! Anyway, now I'm home....putting off packing....but I'm off to Long Island....since I don't really work....after all. ;-)

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