Monday, May 7, 2012

 I'm officially obsessed.....Dear Macaroons...I love you....more for your colors than your taste, but if I were a dessert....I'd be you.  And truly?  Let's be next bathroom re-do?  That's right.  Macaroons.  Can't you just SEE the little macaroons in different colors holding up your shower curtains?  I mean'll walk out of the shower a diabetic, but whatever.  So, truly, I'm here are some gems from my last little jaunt in Paris.  Gorgeous tasty little things.

I want them all....

Matching Rings!
All the pretty there edible glitter out there???
Once, I was at the opera in NY, and it was intermission, I was SLEEPY...and I needed a treat.  So I went to the over-priced little counter, and I saw a treat, and I picked it up, and thought how odd-a green whoopie pie!  And I gave it a good squeeze....and it totally cracked, as it was NOT a green whoopie pie, it was a pistachio macaroon. was a $7 dollar macaroon, and it was tasty, but noted-no whoopie pies at the opera. 


Lacey said...

Hey Carrie !!!
The Okies had so much fun with you in London and Paris....
You are a great tour guide!!!
Hope to have you as our guide again soon. Poor Jack Passed on Sunday after our return on Thursday. I am so glad he got to go on this trip.

Carrie Ann said...

LACEY!!!! Thanks for the note....and? OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! That's SO SAD about Jack!? Awww. Give Mary a hug for me. That totally tugs my heart strings....dear dear Hugs to you too!