Saturday, August 20, 2011

You otter know by now....

Seriously....I'm very uber smitten with these animals...and I wonder if they like to cuddle. I'm a real person....and I took a real trip to Alaska....and my camera is nothing special...and I'm not really all that great with my not so special THIS. THESE real life. This little guy was just lurking by himself....near the Aialik Glacier...which was AMAZING in and of itself...but worthy of another blog!

Here he is....alone, happy in his freezing cold water, loving his gorgeous surroundings. Does he look far away? Let's get closer then shall we?

Ah...he's so adorable. Here's the "didjaknow" part...Otters can eat up to 25% of their body weight each day-for you and I? That's like eating about 100 hamburgers! To eat, clean, and to otter.

So seriously cute! I'm pretty sure he was calling out to me! And to watch them fluff their fur, all part of their keeping warm process. Adorable! am I at this was he! I leave you with this yawn...from both him and I!

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