Sunday, August 21, 2011


Alaska...was the most amazing thing...and I can't possibly do it justice in a just go GO VISIT! There were so many fabulous things, I couldn't ever pick a favorite, but being able to witness whales, "bubble net feeding" just couldn't imagine such a thing! We took this sightseeing cruise put on by the Kenai Fjords National Park...and we were expecting to see marine wildlife....well....we did. And we saw a whale! Off our boat...and here is that picture. It's pretty cool right? Oooh. A whale! So we saw many like this. Which, is really awesome. We also saw puffins, sea stars, gulls, sea lion, an otter (see prior blog), and loads of other animals. THEN....then came the bubble net feeding whales. A site to behold, and the pictures will never do it justice, but I will post them anyway!!

According to wiki....this sort of feeding is their inventive technique! A group of whales swims in a shrinking circle blowing bubbles below a school of prey. The shrinking ring of bubbles encircles the school and confines it in an ever-smaller cylinder. This ring can begin close to a 100ft in diameter and involve the cooperation of a dozen animals. Some whales blow the bubbles, some dive deeper to drive fish toward the surface, and others herd prey into the net by vocalizing. The whales then suddenly swim upward through the 'net', mouths agape, swallowing thousands of fish in one gulp. Plated grooves in the whale's mouth allow the creature to easily drain all the water that was initially taken in. It's truly awesome...have I said that already! I feel uber blessed to have been able to see such a thing, however, seeing a singular whale off the boat was officially common place! Go to Alaska. You may not see what I saw, but it doesn't matter, it's all pretty spectacular!!!!
See? He's waving at you!

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