Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'm absolutely terrible at keeping this up, I have great ambitions, but no avail. BLAH! I am...plugging along. I just got back from 3 weeks in Cali....2 tours, and some chill time with the Swaynes, which was great, really great. So now I'm home, it's fall, and I've officially declared war on my basement. EBAY for all! So hopefully, I'll fight a good fight, and eventually, own nothing but what I might need. I'm over the "somedays" who knows what will happen, and if I haven't used it in like 7 years...chances are slim I will ever use it! All this is ramblings, my body is still jacked on west coast time, AND I took a nap today! Viva the freezing fall! So for warm feelings...I leave you with this gorgeous rose that I found at V. Sattui, a winery in St. Helena, California. It may very well make the 2010 calendar. We'll see. And? For some tour guide trivia!? Do you know why there are often rose bushes around the vineyards!? They predict disease, and bugs, and all that. So they are the canary of the grape world! Cool right!?

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