Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So...maybe you know...and maybe you don't...but I've declared war on my basement...it's STAGGERING the amount of CRAP I have down there...and NO NEED! It's not like I have a house! Or like I have kids I'm saving it for....argh...if only I'd met me now...THEN! Oh well....so...eBAY! Oh the joys. Sure...it's a lot of work, it's a little annoying, packing packages is a CHORE...but for a little extra cash, SCORES more than a garage sale, and in the name of "making cleaning fun"....I'm selling. Anything and everything. I LOVE what people will buy! It's CRAZY! And then of course...I buy too...but not NEARLY what I could be buying....that's got to count for something right!? Well, at any rate...I research a little on somethings, you know accurate description, pricing, RECALLS! RECALLS!? Yeah...so I listed my "Mini Lite Brite Keychain" tonight, and it said to check the Consumer Safety website...which, incidentally....is STILL loading, as I type this. So I gave up, I mean I already warned people not to eat the pieces or let their little ones eat the pieces, what more can I do!? BUT, in researching this....I found this write up about old school lite brites-which I still have, and will be eBaying shortly-though not a high value item....and not that any of my items are, but I'm just sayin'. I found this blog "stuff that was cool" and this cats write up about the lite brite was HYSTERICAL...and the Larry King part was great, AND? He made me want the lite brite with 4 sides and BATTERY POWERED! OOOOOoooh! Things like this...make me want kids...a little. Anyway, I remember the Christmas when Curtis and I got our lite brite, we were in Montana...and laying on the floor...I feel like we played with it all day...you'd have to ask mom and dad if that were true. Good times. And it was like cheating if you turned the light on before you were done matching every single light to every single dot or x or whatever! GOOD TIMES! Well...I had hopes and dreams of being in bed before 3 tonight...looks like it might actually be before 1! So...in closing...here's a picture of my lite brite keychain that is being sold on eBay right now.....bid bid bid!

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