Wednesday, December 3, 2008

True Story....

It's not MY story...but it's a TRUE story...and I'm posting it for a few reasons...first of's just funny when re-told....second of all....maybe you'll realize that we "tour managers" don't just get paid to go on "vacations"....we put up with CRAP! Or...THROW UP, in this case.

This....THIS happened to my dear friend Tour BFF Annie....and here we go.

She's at the airport, in Rome, it's arrival day....the day, I think we all hate, it's just inexplicable, unless you've been there. It's generally ALWAYS insanely early, you generally get ZERO sleep the night before....and I'm positively a MENTAL case on those it stage fright....Annie is the same way. So we hate it. We only hate it till we get our passengers though. For me....before they come through that door....I want to cry, run away, quit, and cry some more. I wonder, if I wasn't here....would it be that big of a deal? Why am I doing this? What is the matter with me...? And on and on. But the thing is? The SECOND that my little green tags and bags walk through that door? I'm FINE! And I'm in LOVE LOVE with what I do....and I'm grounded, and on, and all is RIGHT with the world. So again, Annie, the same....except in this case....and I'll just quote from the e-mail I received from her....
This is a new one.....I pick up Ms. Beltz (henceforth, Ms. BELCH) at the airport and she is carrying a Ziploc baggie full of throw up....after I almost vomited looking at it, she shakes it in front of my face and says "What do you want me to do with this?"

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! Really...."what do you want me to do with this?!" Um...people...when doing group tours....I think they leave their brain at home....this one though....really? I have a million answers....and who knows what I would have said if I had been in her position-something way too polite I'm Tour Carrie is freaky Customer Service and Brand Image....but my first thought....was the obvious....
"Are you kidding me!?????"
but then I really got thinking.....
"Pack it in pack it out!"
"You are gonna have to keep that for customs when you leave....can I get you some ice?"
or just the simple
"really? REALLY?"

I many gems....but that...that my friends, was the beginning of Annie's when you think we just vacation....remember Ms. Belch...and her ziploc bag of throw up.

And what did Annie say? You were wondering?
Well, she's a rock star....and she #1. did not throw up OR dry heave and #2 was polite and said this... "Yours to take care of. I recommend a trash can." She didn't coddle AND was polite....a rough line.....I mean you can't coddle or they walk all over you, and you HAVE to still be polite because of brand image, customer service, etc.

The joys of our job....I love the MB story....and if you are having a bad day at work....and you deal with people? Maybe it will make things appear "not that bad"....I mean...nobody tried to hand you a bag of throw up today right?!

And also....on behalf of Annie....and another one of her tours? I'm putting up a picture of shoes....a pair of shoes worn on one of her trips by one of her passengers. These are really out there folks....and if you own them....and are reading my blog? I'm gonna need you to stop! SERIOUSLY!? lololol!

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