Monday, March 26, 2012

They we don't have to. GIVE

Running…in our family? Well, twice I’ve beaten Jesse Owens….once in New York, and once recently in London…I mean…he may have been at the wax museum, but whatever. (Thanks to slow internet here in Bath....NO PHOTOS....booooo!)

If you “pin”…you’ve seen the one that says “I never run with scissors. (Those last two words were unnecessary.)” That’s pretty accurate for me. My brother & sister-in-law however, have turned into runners, and runners with reasons! RWR! (Sounds like ROWR….I like it, as would Hollie Clevenger)

Well, onto my sibling and his awesome wife. They are running their SECOND ½ marathon this April. WHY? Yes, I’d like to know. Seriously though, running for a GREAT CAUSE! Their nephews go to New Hope Academy in Tennessee. The school that they attend is New Hope Academy, just outside of Nashville. New Hope Academy does it’s part to break the cycle of “generational poverty” by reserving 50% of it’s seats for low-income families. They believe that a fantastic, Christ-centered education will launch them into a bright future. This, as you are well aware of, is just TRUE. So give. We all have too much, and we can all go without something for a time, to help. Quite frankly, we’re called to take care of, and love on our fellow man. Curtis & Karen are doing it in many ways, but in one month, they are doing it by running.

So while I’ll be jaunting through London & Paris, (WORKING friends….WORKING) Curtis and Karen will be running the “Country Music ½ Marathon” in Nashville, with...(warning, I’m about to name drop)…TobyMac. That’s right. And if you don’t know the name…come to the cool side….and google. He's kind of a big deal, I mean, not as much as the Fitchett's....but close.

I’m asking you/telling you….help them on their mission to turn racial division, class segregation, and spiritual poverty into community, possibility, and vision. You’ve personally seen the cycle, you are all too aware that it’s out there. So instead of “tsk-ing” at the situation, drop some coins/BILLS into Curtis & Karen's Fund. Click any underlined word for the proper websites! Honestly….a great cause, and really great people. Sure, I’m related, but I’m not big on saying things I don’t mean…to a fault.

It’s easy….and really $20 would go a very long way….I could break it down by latte’s…but that’s been done before….so I’m gonna go with soda pop…because I love it best. On average…you probably eat out 10 days in a month….and a drink…just a soda pop drink….is average of 2.25….and that’s if you are in America, currently I’m in the UK…and I'm cheap, so I’m drinking TAP WATER! Anyway, for the sake of math? Let’s knock that to $2. 10 drinks at $2? That’s $20 friends….so here. Better for your health….better for the FUTURE of our children. Christ-centered education? BETTER FOR THE WORLD!! They said they’d raise 3K….that’s a 150 people on a “soda scheme”….and I’ve got well over 800 fb “friends”....and only about 8 readers….hmmmm….my math might be a little off...


Or if you need the address to cut and paste....

(Insert AWESOME mental photo of said "Curtis & Karen Fitchett
here"....silly free wifi!)

Thanks….thanks so much! And...please. Find humor in the fact that I wrote this blog with my picture of Jesse Owens and I, not knowing that "kwf" mentioned it in his donation. This still ON the tree!

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